Wood: Healthy and SMART

Scandinavian og Nordic house design is healthy and SMART

Wood on the interior and exterior of the house are the clue

(Skandinavisk husdesign er sunt og SMART)

(Tre på interiøret og utsiden av huset er ledetråden)

Tregulvet sprekker!!
Tregulvet svulmer oop!!!
Tregulvet er oppblåst!!!!
Tregulvet er hevet!!!!!


Every one has feel positive emotional experience, such as proximity to nature, warmth, homeliness and a relaxing effect, when staying in a wood room ( house, office or so on), this is because wood transmit similar sensations that nature does. Nature provides a setting for effortless attention, and we get gradually refreshed by being in nature.


If you have seen craks in wood, so you have been wtinessed one of the properties by which wood is an smart material.

sprekk tregulv

What are smart material? In short, a smart material is a compound which has a visible and tangible reaction to external stimuli by undergoing a material property change. The dominant feature of smart materials is «shape-memory effect» (SME).

Wood is a smart material being able to perform a self controlled being able to perform a selfcontrolled «intelligent» action and capable of «thinking» like a living organism, adopting and implementing the solution.

Moisture-induced shape memory effect (shrinking and swelling). Wood cell bundles possess moisture-activated shape memory twist capabilities. Thermally-induced shape memory effects are also observed in wood veneers; for example, a cooled wood veneer in a loaded position is capable of recovering its original form when heated.

A little bit more

Wood has stress memory and strain memory effects. Wood has the ability to recollect the type of loading (tension or compression) which it had undergone. The difference between the free and restrained shrinkage is named “frozen shrinkage” (Fsh) or “mechano-sorptive creep” (MSC). The MSC phenomenon is observed at cyclical change of moisture content in loaded wood. “Hygrofatigue” that reduces wood stiffness plays the main role in this process.

So, don´t forget that wood has tangible reaction to changes in the environment.