Hunden tissa på gulvet!

Hunden tissa på gulvet!

Kan jeg ha parkett når jeg har hund eller katt?

Parkett når man har hund eller katt?


It is not the first time that a client has asked us about this, lovers of these faithful pets are concerned about the compatibility of a wooden or laminate floor for dogs and their pets. We all know that dogs love to bite the legs of puppy chairs, and cats like to tear up curtains, but we do not stop having chairs or curtains, right? Why are we going to do without a nice parquet if we like it? There are some things to keep in mind, to know how to protect the parquet from dogs. The problems

The problems that a dog or cat can cause on a parquet or laminate flooring are based on several issues, nails, urine, and a less frequent case that I have found is the carrycot where they usually sleep.


Pet nails and parquet

It is difficult for a dog or cat to damage a wooden parquet that has a good varnish with its nails, except that it digs to look for it, I don’t know what … you already understand those things that dogs do. Good wood parquet varnishes withstand the walk and run of our pets, they can cause small almost negligible surface scratches, which with a regular maintenance product type refresh will be solved.

Laminate floors are much more resistant to this type of damage, so for the nails of pets we should not have to worry at first. The only “annoyance” that can cause us is the noise of nails dog parquet but we forgive it for everything they offer us in return.


Pet urine on wooden floor

Sleeping dog This is a more worrying topic, in this concept there is no resistant platform for dogs or cats but with a good pet education it is not usually a problem, every good owner usually has his pet well taught. With everything and with that, as children it is inevitable that they pee here or there, during that time we will have to be careful not to let the urine stay on the parquet for a long time, if it is cleaned with warm water and mop, drying it well when it is finished. do, nothing will happen. The problem is that it stays for hours, the urine is alkaline and when it dries its PH increases and it corrodes the surface layer like bleach. In the case of natural wood floors, black stains are created, difficult to remove, impossible if our pet has taken the nice habit and does it in the same place, and in the case of laminate floors, the problem is that it filters through the Join and inflate the edges of the boards, in addition to the bad smell that will remain.

The homemade solution for pet urine in both cases (wooden parquet and laminate flooring), would be to mix white vinegar that has pH 2.5 and water in equal parts, put it in an aerosol can and apply enough quantity to cover the stain without exaggerate. Vinegar is a mild acid that neutralizes the alkalinity of the urine, we would allow 2 or 3 minutes to act on the stain, and we collect it with absorbent paper, then with warm water and a lot of it, we will dry it well. There are also products on the market for these cases, but if you have just arrived from work and you find this scenario, you may opt for the home remedy for this occasion. If this remedy cannot remove the stain, you may have to polish and varnish the parquet, changing the affected pieces, since it has surely penetrated the wood fiber and it is impossible to remove it even with a good knife. In the case of laminate floors, badly called synthetic flooring, changing the affected pieces will suffice.


Pet beds on laminate flooring.

Sometimes they cause problems, of course the low-quality ones, due to the fact that our pet’s bed ends up transferring humidity to the parquet, possibly due to not moving it from the site, its drooling, etc., normally this happens when they put a simple towel or blanket to sleeping or the carrycot is not waterproofed at the bottom. We may not realize it in the short term, but in the long run, as they sleep in the same place, the area ends up deteriorating. I have seen this in a couple of houses where I have had to polish and varnish and the clients themselves have taken the deduction, the damage and the solutions are the same as with the urine of our pet.

In short, YES it is COMPATIBLE to enjoy a beautiful parquet or laminate flooring in the company of our faithful pets, as long as certain precautions are taken and we educate our pets well, at first it costs but we all know what they are capable of and much more.