Fordeler med Mikrosement

The lack of seams and joints means that MicroCement works well from room to room creating a flawless continuum of colour. Equally, in a period home, MicroCement can be used to create a rustic and artisan feel in warm, terracotta colours with a distressed and textured finish producing an aged effect in keeping with vintage styling and decoration.

The totally seamless finish creates an almost millpond effect that really draws the eye in a large space and can showcase furniture or commercial fittings to maximum effect. It has the look of polished concrete without the disruption and the price tag.

A seamless finish on floors and walls means that MicroCement can be easily mixed in with other decoration and materials and it looks really stunning when applied in combination with resin floor finishes.


MicroCement offers a really great alternative to tiling in a wet room or bathroom. It is very resistant to water and by using different types of patterning and texture on the finish, it is possible to create a tactile and really different finish from living room to kitchen and bathroom. Without the numerous joints and ridges of a tiled surface, cleaning and hygiene are so simply managed.

Easy to Maintain

Whatever type of MicroCement floor you opt for, it is so easy to keep clean making it the perfect choice for busy areas in either the home or a commercial premises where hygiene is premium and concrete flooring is the option of choice. It always looks good with the minimum of effort and is particularly resistant to scuffing, scratching and abrasion.

Durable & Scratch

MicroCement is also endlessly durable concrete look seamless flooring finish and its longevity represents great value for money.

Compatible with
Underfloor Heating

Micro cement topping is perfectly suitable to be applied on top of underfloor heating as well.