Sliping og polering av betonggulv eller Tregulv!

= Slitesterk overflate som er lett å holde ren.

Care and maintenance of grinding or polished concrete floors

While the stain protection and densifiers do give your polished concrete floors a good protective layer, regular cleaning is recommended to get the most out of your floor and maximise its life span. However, the process is very straightforward.

Regular/daily cleaning as necessary:

  • Daily cleaning consists of sweeping or vacuuming to remove any dust and debris
  • Carefully removing anything sticky with a non-scratch implement
  • Mop with warm water, ideally using a dry mop such as a microfibre mop
  • Treat with a PH neutral concrete conditioner, applied as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • To keep a really high sheen in areas of high foot traffic you could burnish a dry surface with a floor polisher and a white buffing pad
  • Cleaners with detergents are not recommended as they can leave a residue which is difficult to rinse off and collects dirt

Heavy duty cleaning:

  • Heavy duty cleaning may be needed if the build-up of dirt and grime is too much for a light clean
  • More thorough cleanse may also be required in busy commercial environments, such as restaurants
  • Heavy duty cleaning can be carried out every three months, monthly or as required using a suitable cleaner and non-damaging buffer pads and tools, such as HTC green Twister pads
  • The type of buffing pad required depends on whether you have a smooth or uneven surface on your polished concrete

How to clean spillages on polished concrete floors

While the coatings on our polished concrete floors are long-lasting and difficult to break down, it is recommended that any spillages are mopped up as quickly as possible as they can penetrate the surface if left too long.

If you do spill something on polished concrete flooring, the best advice is to clean it up straight away.

  • First lift as much of the spill as possible with paper towel, a cloth, or other absorbent material
  • Mop the remaining spillage with warm water
  • If the spillage was acidic, such as lemon juice, vinegar, wine, bird droppings or animal excrement, adding PH neutral cleaner or other suitable alkaline cleaner to the water should aid cleaning and help neutralise the acid