Hvordan redusere statisk elektrisitet på laminatgulvet?

What is Static Electricity?

Static electricity is an electrical charge that is at rest – as opposed to electricity in motion or current electricity. Static charges can be generated by either friction or induction. 

How is Static Electricity generated?

The most common generation of static charge is the triboelectric charge or the friction electricity developed when rubbing together and then separating two masses. For example, when two blocks are rubbed together and then separated, a triboelectric charge is developed on each block. The two blocks will have opposite polarities; one will be negatively charged and the other will be positively charged. Other examples include:

  • Unwinding a roll of tape
  • A person walking across a floor and soles contacting & separating from the floor.


The tendency for laminate floor coverings to electrically charge can have consequences for the user. A charge can build when an insulating material, such as insulating flooring, comes into contact to another material, such as footwear. For human beings the threshold of sensation is roughly 2 kV of body voltage when touching grounded objects.

1. Increase Your Home’s Humidity

The dry air in your home is the real reason why your laminate flooring is shocking you, so dealing with the dry air should be your first concern. You can easily increase your home’s humidity by using a vaporizer or by turning off the furnace when you don’t need it.

2. Buy Anti-static Laminate Flooring

If static build-up in your laminate flooring has become a serious problem or if you live in an area that is very dry in the winter, you may want to invest in specialty-made anti-static laminate flooring. Anti-static laminate is made by adding small carbon particles into the laminate during the manufacturing process. These particles are conductive, so static electricity does not build up and shock you. Not all companies make anti-static laminate flooring, so you will have to ask to make sure that the flooring you select is anti-static.

3. Keep Your Floors Clean

While the dust on your floor doesn’t cause the static electricity to build up, it can make the problem worse. Keep your flooring clean by regularly sweeping and mopping it to lessen the static electricity. There are special products you can buy, but regular laminate flooring cleaners work just as well.

4. Avoid Synthetic and Wool Clothing

While you may not want to purchase a whole new wardrobe to reduce a few minor shocks, choosing clothing made out of natural fibers can really help to reduce the number of shocks you get when walking across your laminate flooring. Start by wearing cotton socks, since they are the piece that actually touches the floor.